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All Things New!

When we experience personal struggles, we often want to heal in our own ways—or we hope God can just miraculously remove our pain and instantaneously lift us from despair. But God’s plans for our lives may not always work out that way, and so often God wants us to instead take a journey of healing that can change our lives.

All Things New! shares one woman’s own struggle and her journey of thoughts and conversations with God. Author Tracy Hester invites fellow believers to join her on a ninety-day devotional walk with God, where she opens up to her own dark times following a difficult divorce and the challenges to come. But through it all, Tracy began a journey of healing that carried her through and offered her inspiration, comfort, and peace—a journey you can begin as well, no matter the hurt and the pain.

God is our healer, and he wants to set us completely free! Through even the most difficult times, we should be encouraged to pursue a deep, intimate relationship with God—because it is he alone who knows exactly what we need, and he wants to give it to us!

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Get Up, Girl. Let's Go

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