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Tracy Hester-Glass

Life Coach
Award-Winning Author Inspirational Speaker

Tracy is an inspiring author, engaging speaker, and Certified Christian Coach. In 2018, Tracy self-published her first devotional, All Things New! This 90-Day devotional was in response to processing the pain of walking through a divorce after 24 years of marriage.

In August 2022, Tracy's 2nd book, Get, Up Girl, Let's Go—Getting Unstuck and Living Free (Elk Lake), won the AWSA Golden Scroll Christian Living Book of the Year. In addition, it reached number 6 in Amazon Women's Issues and remained in the Amazon top 100 bestsellers in Women's Issues. Tracy continues a 12-week live guided virtual coaching program to help women activate principles from the book in their daily lives. In 2019, she established Kingdom Women, a mentoring group encouraging women to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. In 2020, she graduated from Northern California Bible College (NCBC) with a BA in Biblical Studies and recently received her CPLC (professional life coach certification). Next to her husband (she married Joe on January 15, 2023), children, and new grandson, she is passionate about teaching the Word of God. She is an inspirational speaker, Bible College instructor, and ministry leader for her church's mentoring program in the San Francisco Bay area. Tracy is committed to serving women who find themselves starting over again due to life's circumstances.

 After 24 years or marriage and then walking through a divorce, Tracy knows first-hand about the process of healing and restoration, and the importance of inviting God into every phase of one’s healing journey.
Through Tracy’s pain and personal healing journey, she discovered her God’s created purpose, she is committed to inspiring women to do the same.  Her book(s), devotionals, mentoring, candid tv conversations, and workshops are encouraging and empowering women to heal and discover their power, potential and possibilities as kingdom women.
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Tracy uses her own personal experiences to inspire and empower women to heal from the hurts that bind them, so that they can become the women they were destined to be.

Tracy is committed to providing Christ-centered coaching, mentoring, and resources to assist women to live a more fulfilled and abundant life—their best life! Tracy has been mentoring women for over 10 years. She is currently serving as the mentoring director at her church. She is responsible for the vision and direction of mentoring ministry—including mentoring others, and training, equipping, and leading a team of mentors.  [Read More]
Tracy believes that our best life begins when we discover our identity in Christ, this is our true identity. Oftentimes, our childhood experiences, and the trauma and drama that we have faced in our lives has shaped a false identity in us. This false identity can keep us stuck in patterns and cycles that inhibit us from breaking free and walking into our true kingdom identity as women.   [Read More]
When we discover our true identity in Christ, it empowers us to become stronger and more confident women.  This empowerment positions us to claim our rights as women our God.  It is our right and God’s will for us to walk in freedom in every area our lives.  The Bible says in Galatians 5:1, “The Anointed one has set us free—not partially, but completely and wonderfully free! We must always cherish this truth and stubbornly refuse to go back into the bondage of our past” It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  This means that we are no longer enslaved to the patterns of our past. God is encouraging us to start on a new journey to discover our kingdom inheritance and purpose as women of God. [Read More]
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Thirteen years-ago I met Tracy for the first time, she was my new boss, and I was not a fan of the new organizational set-up. I felt short-changed and I was determined to remain bitter because I deserved to be in-charge of everything. I would not change a single thing about that day for anything in this world. Tracy is my treasured friend and mentor. Through her endless kindness, respect for me, guidance and patience, Tracy gave me the courage to believe that the Lord would accept me “as is” and that I only had to ask for God’s Grace. I love and adore her, and I am deeply grateful to have her in my life.

Tracy is a virtuous woman, driven only by the voice of God.  During a rough patch in my life, Tracy reminded me of my identity, my value, prayed for me, offered words of encouragement and even opened up her home to me.  As she is a woman of grace, she has always made me feel at home, always showing the love of Christ.  She’s a mentor to many woman, a leader by nature and an awesome teacher. Her message is clear in that the path to healing is to completely lay our issues at the feet of God’s throne and to trust Him by submitting to Him wholly.   This is instrumental in our trajectories being changed to walk in our healing and into a life of victory and freedom.

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